Discover Your Soul's Wisdom by Traveling to the InnerSphere

Wholeness & Healing


 InnerSphere Journeys take you to the inner world of your Soul and the many dimensions it can access.  Through a series of shamanic journeys, Jungian dream work and accessing the positive archetypal energies of your astrology chart, we can develop a specific program for you so that you can become your own life coach by tuning in and listening to the wisdom of your InnerSphere. 

Aligning with your Soul's Purpose


With over 40 years experience in working with the Creative Imagination, I can guide you to discover your own inner resources.   Whether you want to heal yourself, to access your creativity, to connect to ancestors or power animals or to just 'know yourself', I can help.

 Shamanic Journeys can put you in touch with deep inner wisdom, while dream work can show you how you're handling your day to day life.  Learn to work with your inner soul coach.

Create Your New Story


  • Choose from a variety of shamanic journeys that will open your Creative Imagination: Goddess journeys, Spirit Guide journeys, foundational shamanic journeys, Chakra journeys and more.
  • Activate the archetypal energies of your astrological birth chart.
  • Know yourself through understanding the soul's symbolic language through dream work.

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